Another Sunday, & we’ve invited the Grandparents down for lunch. Lloyd & I went our usual early morning walk and decided to get some Beef. Originally planning to cook some Chicken, we realised this can get quite boring sometimes so we needed a change – Beef Wellington. A traditional Beef Wellington contains a good-quality beef fillet however today we decided to get 1 Kilo of beef brisket (it was delicious for half the price!)
Once we returned home, I started on massaging the beef with plenty of olive oil, whole-grain mustard, garlic and fresh rosemary. The Beef required 3 hours of cooking so it gave me a perfect amount of time to prepare the rest of the dish! (I have never made this before!)
I accompanied my Wellington with home-made Yorkshire’s, carrot & swede mash, roast potatoes, roasted red onion & asparagus. I decided the wrap my Beef with Prosciutto & Puff Pastry  – 30 minutes before it was ready.

When the meat was ready to be wrapped with pastry, I collected the rich juices from the meat and added cornflour to make into a Gravy (& a little red wine!) – Strained and topped up with water it was delicious & aromatic. Definitely made the dish.

For a successful Sunday lunch/dinner I believe that preparation is key! (Including washing up as you go!)

Peeling, chopping, cleaning & cooking!
This had saved half of my day clearing up after the meal – not what you want after you’ve cooked for 3 hours.

Everything went according to plan – had a glass of Merlot along the way. The house smelt wonderful!
In the next couple of week’s I will be writing you a recipe of my Beef Wellington (Frugal & easiest way) – watch out for that!


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