Mini Egg Easter Bucket

Flowers are sprouting, birds are singing and the sun is shining. Easter is finally on it’s way and it’s time to celebrate! (Or at least crack on with the DIY gifts!) Last week I went to a craft shop that sold these adorable small metal buckets. With plenty of colours to choose from I decided to opt for the blue and cream. I noticed a pack of shredded paper (normal craft paper in green). This gave me the idea of filling the small buckets with ‘grass’ and chocolate mini eggs on the top. (A perfect table decoration or little gift for your loved ones!)
This craft shop literally had everything, I mean everything! I picked up a 30g bag of ‘cocos fibre’. – Usually used for the garden and let the birds nest on them. I think the colour and the realistic, barn effect was nicer than the paper for me. (Although of course you can use paper).

This was so easy to make, in fact the hardest part was not to eat the chocolate mini eggs!
Take your bucket, fill it with your ‘grass’ and top with mini eggs. I would love to see a photo of your creations. I have linked you with all the supplies you need to make my exact version.

To make these adorable Easter buckets all you need:

Miniature Buckets 12 for £4.78 (or craft store)
Cocos Fibre (local pet store/bird isle) OR craft shop.

Mini Eggs (1 bag)


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